Site Development

ESG is proficient and experienced in siting criteria, design, and the permitting process for hazardous waste management facilities. A site may be subject to restrictions based on its proximity to wetlands, flood plains, aquifers, sensitive adjoining land uses or other conditions, which can often be resolved through innovative design features. Our diverse and knowledgeable staff is capable of effectively coordinating the expertise of attorneys and involvement of government officials in ways that maximize capital investments and reduce long-term risks. ESG has successfully guided projects through the permitting process to the satisfaction of our clients and all regulatory agencies and, at the same time, provided safe and cost-effective landfill design alternatives.

Liner Construction

Modern landfills are highly engineered containment systems, designed to minimize the impact of solid waste (refuse, trash, and garbage) on the environment and human health. In modern landfills, the waste is contained by a liner system. The primary purpose of the liner system is to isolate the landfill contents from the environment and, therefore, to protect the soil and ground water from pollution originating in the landfill.

ESG will design and construct a barrier between the waste and the environment to drain the leachate to collection and treatment facilities. With the many types of landfill liners, let EGS consult with you to determine the appropriate liner to help to protect the soil and ground water from pollution originating in the landfill.


ESG maintains field staff trained in solid waste management facility operational consulting. Our staff is experienced in the review, preparation and implementation of operational controls and performance criteria necessary for effective facility management. ESG manages on-site personnel and conducts regular operational meetings at facilities. This provides the opportunity to discuss and modify facility operational techniques in order to maximize waste throughput in a manner that affords safeguards to the environment while increasing revenue.


ESG offers a full range of environmental monitoring, compliance and data management services essential to the maintenance of solid waste management facilities. Our goal is to ensure that our clients meet all regulatory criteria for operating solid waste facilities. In addition, our programs provide fast and efficient access to facility information.

ESG, will provide your firm with comprehensive management services or will work with your staff to address specific facility needs in any aspect of operations. We draw from a staff that is experienced in the operation of active landfills as well as in closure and post-closure management.

Post Closure Maintenance

Post Closure Maintenance, Monitoring and Reporting ESG has developed cost-effective post-closure facility monitoring and maintenance programs that effectively ensure safeguards to the environment, while meeting stringent governmental controls and regulations. Our plans ensure continued compliance with regulatory requirements throughout the entire post-closure period. This may include scheduled site visits to investigate the condition of monitoring points, drainage areas and in the case of landfills, the integrity of the final cover system. Findings from site visits, as well as laboratory analytical data from scheduled monitoring events, are reviewed and discussed in quarterly or annual reports submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency.